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100 blotters 1P LSD $250

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What is 1PLSD?

1p-LSD is a chemical that is very similar in nature to LSD, the famous psychedelic drug. Like LSD, 1P-LSD has psychedelic properties and is a part of the lysergamide class of drugs. The results of LSD are believed to include cognitive euphoria, distorted perception of colors, time, sounds and shapes, hallucinations, and other results similar to those of standard LSD. 1P-LSD is very popular amongst chemical researchers and it is one of the drugs that is most commonly researched.

Where to Buy 

Here at cannabinoids Plug , we have LSD for sale. We mail order 1P-LSD available in one form: blotters. Our 1P-LSD is only for research purposes and is not allowed to be consumed by humans or animals.

If you plan on purchasing our LSD, you must adhere to all of your local government rules and regulations regarding research chemicals.


We ship LSD to nation around the world where it is legal for research purposes. If 1P-LSD is illegal in your country, then you are out of luck. Our shipping is fast and reliable. We also have a number of different options. There is sure to be a shipping option that is perfect for you.  research chemicals usa

Currently available as blottes and drops

Always store in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf-life. This product is intended for forensic and research applications only. It is therefore NOT intended for human consumption or in-vivo testing of any kind on animals or any living organism. Cannabinoid 

9 reviews for 1P-LSD

  1. Evander Bronson

    dude my trip and that of my homies was awesome lol please we need a bigger supply so that we can literally take charge of the west side bro.

  2. John O’hara

    The blotters are well shaped with incredible fictional characters and designs

  3. Terry Cooper

    yo dude, I’ve never had blotters like this in my entire life bro, where do you get this shit from? from now on you’ll be my main plug for 1p-lsd I got my homies who dig yo shit bruh

  4. Dan Harvey

    Better blotters than anyone I’ve taken in ages and the tripy sensation was wonderful and smooth,

  5. Jones

    I cannot fault the service supplied by this company, excellent product and prompt delivery. thanks much

  6. Aymare Simpson

    These blotters you sent me are so unique and awesome, the demands have increased since I introduced them to my clients, dude, I’ll make a huge order just in case there might be some shortage.

  7. Emmanuella Tampa

    I’m so happy sir, I’ve got my shipment. They were so up to standard

  8. vernon protus

    Your blotters were so amazing and I had some amazing trips with the last order, damn dude, you’re so lit buddy, more orders coming in a few days.

  9. mary

    Best customer service and effective in all aspect. I pray you keep on helping people out.

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