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7 reviews for 3-FPM

  1. Levis Schraws

    3-FPM of good quality and is always delivered as fast as one could wish fo

  2. Harrison Zampa

    My mate dave recommend me this website I found most of the chemicals I’m looking for on this page.
    Actually delivers. Other webshops scammed me for my pennies.

    This the real RC deal

  3. lakene Kelz

    Discreet verpakte chemicals ontvangen afgelopen week.
    Erg tevreden met de zuiverheid van het product

  4. O’neal Winslette

    Very pure & clean quality, great for research! Shipping to Germany took only a few days! Thank you.

  5. Denzel Floodwill

    the 3-fpm is very good quality the price is what you expect from an RC SHOP

  6. Matty Frings

    Gute Chemie, super Preise und Top Lieferung!!! Super Shop!!

  7. Vinnie Brewster

    Decent prices for all the RC’s on this website

    In the UK they ask me insane amounts for these chems

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