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5F-AKB48 (also known as 5F-APINACA and AKB-48F) is a synthetic cannabinoid substance of the indazolecarboxamide class. It acts as a potent agonist for the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. It was first identified in South Korea and is available for sale as a grey area research chemical through online vendors. Its abuse has been associated with multiple serious injuries deaths and more dangerous side effects and toxicity in general.

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We have the purest form of 5F-AKB48. Although this substance has not been formally studied, from analysis of the structure, it is presumed that 5F-AKB48 has a similar binding profile to that of other cannabinoids and matches many of the in vivo properties of Δ9-THC. However, the role of these interactions and how they result in the cannabinoid high continues to remain elusive.

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13 reviews for 5C-AKB48

  1. Andreas Flashwood

    I’m aware of the fact that some will not agree, but I’m a boob in noids but of the three other noids tried in the lab, this one surprised us on the similar properties to THC. At the end of the gram, I even have several. Times made my own mix and it was really enjoyable for our results. The colony is still pretty found and they’re working with another compound. Thanks, CP for the opportunity and quality.

  2. Anna Glyndelle

    I like this one because it did not increase appetite to the extremes in test subjects.

  3. Dani Rostov

    Such a great drug to relieve your unending body pains and on most occasions, I use my bongs to smoke and it keeps me mellow for a few hours.

  4. Ulisis Seamore

    My shipments have always been discreet even on weeks that I don’t pay the right amount for discreet shipping, you’re such an amazing plug.

  5. Sergeo De LA Pena

    Thanks, bro I got my juice, that was so fast lol. Ill be ordering again soon

  6. Tessy Blue

    I was able to get my package without any delay and it was very safe. I really do appreciate it.

  7. Celades Hesp

    10/10 legit and discreet shipping.

  8. Petes Venon

    I really do apologize for the lack of trust I portrayed in our very first encounter, you’re indeed a man of your words. I’ll be making more orders as soon as this shipment gets finished.

  9. Peter Speed

    Since I started getting my supplies from you, my clients have been so satisfied and the client base has improved. I will be again by Saturday.

  10. Ezequiele Fields

    I’ve been so satisfied with your expertise and your in-depth know-how on cannabinoids

  11. Felisha Owens

    Classic research results. Less potent than other noids but has its own character.
    Close to THC. Some withdrawals. Hard to use for c-liquid better for herb

  12. Zebina Godfred

    You’re such an amazing plug and a professional when its comes to cannabiniod sales because I’ve never encountered any issues with the Police because of the ways you use in doing your delivery. Ill recommend you to other uses trust me.

  13. Emma Watson

    What a gem. In my testing, it comes close to the real stuff. Amazing!

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