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7add is a new synthetic cannabinoid that is relevantly new in the market. It is made up of different effective components which make it a very active compound with powerful effects. It contains cannabinoid agonist receptors and a high potency cannabinoid for research purposes.  It has relevantly stronger effects due to which it is replacing most of the illegal cannabinoids in the market. Due to its high potency and strong effects, this product is rarely available in the world. Buy 7ADD online from our chemical store anytime.

Note: Chemicalfrog.com only delivers RCs for research and laboratory purpose. Any human or animal use is strongly prohibited. We highly condemn the use of this product for any illegal use.

Effects and Strength 

The effects of 7ADD are of significant nature and are given below.

Pain Relieving:

is an effective pain-relieving drug and is quite popular among users due to its visible effects. People also use it to reduce the number of panic attacks. However, 7ADD should be used in low amounts as high quantities can cause unwanted effects.

Improved appetite:

This drug improves the level of appetite in the users. It is very popular in American and British culture and is commonly known as munchies due to its several health benefits. After taking 7ADD a user feels relaxed and enjoys the food consumption with ease.


It provides a complete sense of calmness to its users. It relieves anxiety, stress, and burden. It improves the mental state of people suffering from anxiety.

Relaxed feel:

7ADD have relaxation effects. It induces a sense of amazement and lightness in the user in the best possible way.

Similar Compounds to 7ADD

There are other similar cannabinoids to 7ADD

For sale 7add, is it legal ?

7ADD has been introduced to replace the most dangerous cannabinoids in the market. Though it has been listed as legal in most of the courtiers, it’s important to consult or check the regulations before you buy 7ADD online for sale from an authentic vendor.

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7ADD is a synthetic cannabinoid and since its arrival, it has replaced many illegal cannabinoids in the market.

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  1. Ollie Brent

    I’ve suffered from insomnia for a while now until I came across your site and you talked about “7add” and when you got it shipped to me and I used it as you explained mehhhhnnnnn I had the most awesome sleep in a while ever

  2. kristof Pschek

    The “7add” chem is so soothing and feels so great,

  3. Ollie Brent

    I’ve suffered from insomnia for a while now until I came across your site and you talked about “7add” and when you got it shipped to me and I used it as you explained. I had the most awesome sleep in a while ever

  4. Vydra Thornsheld

    At a point in my life, I had lost the knack and appetite for food and i was growing weak and cranky and a friend suggested I get some” 7add” then I placed an order on ya site and got it shipped to me and you know what?, the rest is history I got my appetite back just a few days of using “7add”. Thanks alot for honoring your words.

  5. Ollie Brent

    So sorry I doubted the quality of your chemicals bro, but I must confess this “7add” has helped me a lot with my insomnia. I’m indeed grateful

  6. Emily Sinclaire

    Depression has never been something to joke with because I’ve experienced it and it’s a horrible situation to find yourself in but I must confess after all my therapeutic sessions went in vein without any improvements, my cousin advised me to take “7add” that it would help so we went online then found this site cannabiniodplug.com which he too confirmed that its gonna be of great help and we bought some from him and it was shipped within the time frame that he stipulated after we made the payments when the package for 7add came through and I started taking it, the results we almost instant because I started feeling relieved. im utmost grateful to you sir

  7. Ollivia Bismark

    My 25years old son mistakenly shot his dog and was suffering from anxiety due to the loss, we tried lots of anxiety meds and therapy but to no avail until when I came across your site and I was given the “7ADD” for him to use and it worked magic, thank you so much sir I’m indebted to you.

  8. Zobel Cheng

    I got my shipment this morning sir and I’m so grateful, and if this finishes ill be ordering a week’s time.

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